Kennedy Needham Rural Service

Kennedy Needham Rural Service Launched

Kennedy Needham Rural Service Launched

October saw the launch of our Kennedy Needham Rural service, a new service dedicated to supporting businesses in rural and regional Australia. The service is operated from our regional office in Macedon, Victoria.

Outside of metropolitan areas, businesses can struggle to find adequate advice, because banks and advisory services can lack the experience and knowledge to deal with the unique challenges of rural business.

Rural businesses need to grow and prosper to meet their market potential. To do so they must attract investment and that investment will only be placed into businesses which are both sustainable and viable.

“Our role is to investigate the business, analyse the market, find out where the growth potential is and ensure that the business is stable and investment ready.”

The team at Kennedy Needham's Melbourne office has already attracted a number of clients from the grain, milk and beef industries due to the strong networks the team has within those markets – both here and overseas. Those clients recognize that the future of the Australian food business lies in export.

The launch of Kennedy Needham Rural service will mean a more mobile and immediate service offering to existing regional clients and a ready availability to meet new clients face-to-face.

If you want to know more about Kennedy Needham Rural service, contact any of our friendly team on +61 3 8622 8622, or email for more information.

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