Ensuring smart, strategic acquisitions

Many acquisitions fail to deliver long-term value. That’s often because businesses assess acquisitions as they arise - rather than in the context of their overall strategy.

At Kennedy Needham, we create custom ‘acquisition templates’ which set criteria to objectively assess opportunities in the context of your overall strategy. We then offer you a preliminary 'go' or 'no go' recommendation.

Our assessments also include a rigorous risk analysis to identify key risks early in the process – along with possible mitigation strategies.

No matter what your current approach, Kennedy Needham can help your business to:

  • Formulate an overarching acquisition strategy
  • Identify risks and devise strategies to minimise them
  • Project manage acquisitions from start to finish
  • Search for and identify potential acquisition targets
  • Approach acquisition targets and negotiate the deal
  • Support integration of the acquired business after acquisition

If your business is considering an acquisition or you need help formulating a smart acquisition strategy, contact us today or call (03) 8622 8622.