Strategic Consulting


Strategic Consulting

Strategic partnerships for growth and opportunity

Has your business been presented with an opportunity that you’re unable to take advantage of? Are you looking to extend your business resources and expertise, but not sure where to turn?

At Kennedy Needham, we help businesses take advantage of opportunities through smartly-designed alliances, mergers and joint ventures.

We design workable business structures to ensure long-term success – and manage each party’s expectations from the outset. We also conduct strategic planning workshops with both parties to test the business case and to develop strategies for optimal results.

So if your business is considering a strategic partnership of any type, Kennedy Needham can help you:

  • Assess your needs and objectives to develop the ideal ‘partner profile’
  • Search local and international markets for a partner that fits the profile
  • Negotiate the deal on your behalf
  • Structure the most effective governance arrangements
  • Determine the best way to combine resources
  • Formulate a high-level business plan for your enterprise

If your business is looking to expand its resources and expertise through a new strategic partnership, contact us today or call (03) 8622 8622.