5 Lessons Business Can Learn from Sport

5 Lessons Business Can Learn from Sport


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Like elite sportspeople, our most successful clients are match fit, lean, agile and prepared to adapt their strategy to win...
1) Define the goal – The fastest, the strongest, the best

Every business should have business plan, is yours up to date? A study by Cranfield School of Management showed that owner-managed businesses with a clear business plan in place perform significantly better than those without, and experience higher growth in sales and profit.

2) Growth Plan – Track and measure to improve performance

Does your business have a growth plan? Will you need to recruit new employees, move to new premises or invest in new products? Most importantly, will this expansion turn a profit? A growth plan will help you identify actions, as well as set targets and keep your business on track.

3) Who’s on your team?

Does your business have a high performing executive team? It’s the first thing investors will look at in a new venture. Because you founded your business, it does not always follow that you have the necessary skills and experience to grow your business. Hire the right people, trust them and delegate to them – your team are accounted for in a business valuation.

4) Innovation – What do you need to help you succeed?

Things change – production costs, the market, technology and your competitors. Stay up-to-date with industry news and networks and use this knowledge to update your growth plan. This will help to ensure that your sales and marketing strategy is adaptable, insightful and relevant.

5) Mental attitude – Focussed and positive

Put emotional attachment to your business to one side. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made and sometimes emotions can cloud your judgement. Trust us when we say that most people rarely look back once they sell or exit from a business.

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Popina Foods sells to Freedom Foods for $35 million

Popina Foods sells to Freedom Foods for $35 million.

Kennedy Needham has completed the $35m sale of Popina Foods: a market leader in oat-based cereals, muesli and snacks, to ASX-listed, Freedom Foods.

What started out as a significant capital raising to fund new assets for the expansion of Popina Food's oat-based muesli and cereal production facility at Dandenong, Victoria – evolved into a $35 million sale to Freedom Foods Group Limited, a leading ASX listed manufacturer of a range of beverages and food products including allergen free cereals and snacks.

Popina founder and MD, Arnold May first approached Kennedy Needham in 2012 in relation to a detailed business valuation and strategic plan. In 2014, Arnold May again approached Kennedy Needham, this time to facilitate the introduction of suitable equity partners.

The popularity of healthy cluster formatted oat-based cereals and related snack bars had continued to grow strongly, both domestically and internationally. With ovens working around-the-clock, unless funds could be raised in a timely manner for the purchase of additional manufacturing assets, the business would not be in a position to grow swiftly enough to capitalize on rapidly increasing demand. Armed with both an updated valuation and strategic plan Popina was primed for investment.

Popina-freedom-300x200pxMichael Shaw, Kennedy Needham’s lead corporate advisor to Popina and an expert in the Food Industry and Agri-business sector, identified genuine potential in possibly divesting the whole business, and presented the idea to Arnold who was open to this pathway as an alternative growth strategy.

Michael Shaw said, “My area of expertise is the Food Industry. I have a deep and rich knowledge of the businesses involved, access to an extensive network which enables me to create successful solutions – I’m thoroughly delighted how well this worked out for Arnold and Freedom Foods. It was the perfect outcome“.

Amongst the targeted strategic investors or buyers, one potential party stood out as the leading contender: Freedom Foods Group Limited. An outright purchase of Popina aligned with Freedom’s significant international and domestic expansion plans. For Arnold May this would was a superb opportunity to realize a strategic value for Popina.

With the parties enthusiastic about the mutually beneficial opportunity, an exclusive Terms Sheet was entered into during late August 2015 with completion occurring in late November 2015.

You can read more about the sale in the case study. If you are looking for a buy-in partner, read How to find a Buy-In partner for your company in 15 weeks’ for an overview.

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