About Kennedy Needham


About Kennedy Needham:
Expertise your business deserves

Top-tier advice – without the inflated price


Kennedy Needham specialises in corporate advisory for growth-oriented businesses in the mid-tier sector.

However, our senior advisors have all worked with top-flight firms and global clients. Our expertise spans both transactional and consulting projects. And we offer the perfect blend of strategic, operational and financial guidance.

As a boutique firm, Kennedy Needham can give you the personal service and depth of experience your business deserves.

Big picture perspective. Hands-on approach.

At Kennedy Needham, we advise on high-level strategy – but also execute solutions with rigour from beginning to end. We’re never afraid to get our hands dirty.

Although we prefer to be by your side through to project completion, we’ll work with you in whatever capacity is right for you. Either way, our priority is always the same: to establish a long-standing relationship with your business through all stages of growth and change.

We invest more time upfront

Members of our team have been helping clients divest, acquire, merge, restructure and raise capital for over 30 years.

But we understand that every client is unique – so we go to great lengths to understand your business in the early stages of our relationship. Only then can we devise insightful, timely and practical solutions to achieve your goals.

Service with integrity

It should go without saying, but at Kennedy Needham we pride ourselves on our firm ethical code. We know that any advice we impart reflects directly on your reputation – and on ours.

We take no chances when it comes to the integrity of your business name. And we only work with clients who share our commitment to good corporate citizenship.

That said, we also know when boundaries need to be pushed (within legal and ethical parameters). And we know that going the extra mile often pays big dividends.

If you need corporate advisors with the perfect blend of strategic, operational and financial expertise contact us today or call (03) 8622 8622.